Since its establishment, E+H has acted as international lead counsel and a single point of contact for many clients in cross-border matters. Because we are situated in Vienna, a historical gateway between the East and the West, a significant amount of our international transactions have involved the CEE/SEE region.

With a comprehensive understanding of the markets and an intrinsic familiarity with the legal frameworks throughout the CEE/SEE region, we regularly provide our clients with multijurisdictional advice. We cooperate closely with leading independent law firms throughout the CEE/SEE region to   provide high quality, fully integrated legal services across all jurisdictions. The client does not have to personally contract attorneys in each country whose laws may come to bear on their project. The client also does not have to bear the burden of extra costs associated with having a brick and mortar office of our firm in each location.

We bring the benefit of our experience and relationships to our clients, by selecting firms we know to be competent and trustworthy, and we assume responsibility for the entire coordinated transaction. Even better than having offices in each country, we have the flexibility to choose the best local counsel to meet our clients’ unique needs, and the clients know they can contact us with all their questions and concerns. As a single point of contact, we can more efficiently communicate to all attorneys involved, generating significant savings for the clients. Like the historical “one stop shop” of the American automotive industry, our modern, fully integrated model is convenient and cost effective for the customer.

With our expertise in all fields of commercial law, we can capably handle any type of issue in the CEE/SEE region, including major corporate/M&A and joint venture projects, energy and infrastructure projects, capital markets, banking and finance,  restructuring, competition and antitrust matters, regulatory matters, and litigation.

Our CEE/SEE practice group is highly credentialed. They speak several relevant languages at the native or proficient level. They are graduates of CEE/SEE universities. Some of them are qualified to practice law in CEE/SEE jurisdictions and have considerable work experience from leading law firms in the region. Altogether, our CEE/SEE team is truly rooted in the legal, commercial, and cultural environments of the CEE/SEE region, and we enjoy facilitating international business growth there on behalf of our clients.