We advise clients in all areas of employment law, especially the administration of human resources, legal compliance, and competition law. In addition to drafting employment contracts and labor/management agreements, we also specialize in employment-law matters raised by business reorganization or restructuring.

Our practice group provides consultation on the correct procedures to follow when there is a change at the executive board level or in the event of an employment-related legal action.

Our fields of expertise include:

  • General advisement on employment law, labor law, and human resource management
  • Employment contracts
  • Employee termination
  • Claims based on employment contracts or company-wide rules and regulations
  • Employment-related consequences of acquisition or restructuring
  • Bargaining agreements and severance schemes
  • Interactions between businesses and labor councils
  • Collective agreements
  • Management contracts, including service contracts, directors’ agreements, and executive board agreements
  • Litigation
  • Crisis management and public relations strategies in response to litigation
  • Global Mobility