The white-collar defense practice group has the expertise and capacity to immediately and comprehensively assist our clients in crises. Our specialists have a stellar track record in a wide range of cases, from large, high-profile trials to investigations and proceedings that were dismissed or settled before making headlines. Drawing on the broad range of our team’s expertise, we are quick to analyze the facts of a case and to develop with our clients the optimal strategy to respond to any criminal investigation. We pride ourselves as legal firefighters, dedicated to providing swift and effective support to those we serve

Of course, we do not merely react to crises, but actively work to prevent them and to minimize their fallout. The spectre of criminal exposure is frequently abused as leverage in civil disputes, raising the stakes. Consequently, we provide our clients with crisis prevention strategies to help them successfully weather any legal storm. We regularly review corporate procedures, crisis management plans, and communications, and provide trainings for our clients to employ sufficient compliance measures.

Our fields of expertise include:

  • Preventative compliance consultation and trainings
  • Development of compliance guidelines and systems
  • Search-prevention and emergency intervention in the event of dawn raids
  • Advice and representation in cases relating to both criminal and antitrust law
  • Criminal defense for white-collar charges against natural persons or corporate entities
  • Private joinders to investigations and white-collar crime proceedings for corporate entities and executives
  • Representation of executive-level witnesses
  • Whistleblower support
  • Pursuit of privately initiated charges (e.g., corporate espionage)
  • Internal investigations, with external IT forensics if needed

Criminal investigations and proceedings

We represent clients in criminal investigations and proceedings, as well as any connected civil claims. In the interest of providing comprehensive services, we coordinate media relations support for our clients. Naturally, as a corporate law firm, our focus is on commercial criminal law and white-collar defense.

Prior to criminal proceedings we develop defense strategies for corporations and individuals, screen evidence, prepare information, select expert witnesses, provide guidance, and generally support our clients in establishing the facts of the case.

Raids and search prevention

Raids often happen unannounced and are a client’s first contact with the authorities in a matter. When faced with such a strenuous situation, business leaders know they can rely on us to provide immediate support. We intervene on site to protect our client’s rights because the evidence gathered during a raid can have severe consequences on the outcome of a case.

So that our clients are better prepared to handle a raid in the event one occurs, we provide staff trainings, clear internal procedures and codes of conduct, and crisis communication plans.

Compliance support and training

Our definition of compliance is: cultivating an awareness and understanding of the extent to which any behavior or action in a modern commercial setting can lead to criminal liability. We advise and train our clients on regulated topics ranging from seemingly harmless holiday gifts to business contacts, all the way to more flagrant manipulation of financial data. However, in this relatively new and dynamic area of law, we feel it is just as important for our clients to develop an intuition for the limits of legal permissibility as it is to know the textbook violations.

What sets our white-collar defense team apart:

  • Capacity: The E+H interdisciplinary work model allows us to draw upon partners and associates from other practice groups as needed to address various client issues, increasing our flexibility and productivity.
  • Experience: Our practitioners have worked on numerous large-scale commercial and white-collar criminal cases, spanning from financial crimes to environmental disasters.
  • Hands-on approach: In contrast to the precise and deliberate pace of negotiating and drafting contracts, criminal proceedings typically require rapid responses and a high level of agility. Because of our vast resource of experienced, in-house experts from different fields, such as M&A, banking & finance, competition, and IP/IT, we can streamline the incorporation of their advice into any criminal case with minimal time and expenditure, and be assured of the high quality of their contribution.