Knowledge is not everything. E+H is one of the most successful commercial law firms in Austria. Our lawyers are among the best in the industry. They manage both national and international law cases. Excellent legal skills, entrepreneurial understanding and a high level of English are necessary prerequisites. It is just as important, though, to think in a solution-oriented and proactive way, to be creative and committed, and to exhibit a high level of team spirit.

Only a work environment that is based on respect warrants top achievements. At E+H, we are proud that to interact and communicate with each other in a respectful and appreciative way. We have consciously created a work environment in which everybody’s personality is well respected and, thus, top performance is a result of a high level of self-motivation. These prerequisites are valid for everybody. Trust is a core value. Our open-door policy is common practice. Hence, our ears are always open to questions and doubts.

We demand and promote. Newcomers are assisted by tutors, who help them personally with their legal know-how, share information about our daily practice and communicate our corporate values. At E+H, our junior lawyers work with the competent partner from the very first day on. They are not hidden away in the office, but will be joining you in client meetings very soon.

We believe in lifelong learning. Hence, you will work with continuously trained advisors. Our programmes include: English for lawyers, both in-house and external bar exam preparation courses, and in-house training in our practice groups.